Name: Joan Lloyd

Born in: Milwaukee

Switched at Birth With: Laura Dern

Lives in: Green Lake and Lake Tahoe

Occupation: Executive Coach

Personal Hero: My husband, David Lloyd. And Condoleezza Rice.

Good at: Laughter. And helping people reach their potential.

Perfect Day: Morning walk in Dawson Prairie. A little gardening. Working out at Green Lake Fitness. Booze cruise at sunset.

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate. And shopping.

Phobias: Jumping out of an airplane. Snakes? Hmmm..I like snakes. Sharks, when I snorkel.

Advice: Live Large.

Top Bucket List Item: Live in a foreign country (for a while).

My outfit: It’s fun. It’s summer. It screams my perfect day.

I shop at DISH because: I find unique clothes that are fun, flattering an youthful.

Fran Hill