Name: Peggy Donahue

Born in: Long Island, New York

Switched at Birth With: Jennifer Lawrence

Lives in: Green Lake

Occupation: Assisted-Living Caregiver

Personal Hero: My Mom.

Good at: Diving

Perfect Day: On the pier with my dog, Hendrix.

Guilty Pleasure: Keeping up With the Kardashians.

Phobias: Sharks. And being chased.

Advice: Live in the present. Do it now. Don’t wait.

Top Bucket List Item: To see the seven wonders of the world.

My Outfit: It gave me a good figure. I can wear it anywhere. Conservative enough, but twirly enough to still have fun in.

I shop at DISH because: There are things here for every single age. I can find things for my mom and find things for myself.


Fran Hill