A Store For

Real. Beautiful. Women.



It all started when…

Looking in the closet and thinking; “Are there really only two stages to the life of a wardrobe? Fad-Chasing Teen or Frumpy Old Lady who hasn’t thrown away a piece of clothing in 30 years? Maybe it’s time to part with the souvenir, manly tee shirts with ridiculous sayings. And the 1990s business suits. And the jeans that will never fit again.

Maybe it’s just time to be who we are. Today. When we know that anything can happen. And life is short, so you’ve got to go for it, every single day. And so we want nice pieces that go anywhere. Beautifully made. Elegant. Fun. Comfortable. Feminine. Versatile. Washable.

Is that too much to ask? At DISH, we think not.